Fencing for everyone!

No matter your age, the thrill of fencing is hard to resist. Whether for fun, competition, or fitness, we are excited to welcome you to our community.


We have a wide range of games that help members train both body and mind, all while having a great time!


Skilled coaches, backed by a decade of experienced fencers, are there to provide guidance and advice so you can hone your skills.


A wide range of plyometrics, exercises, and drills will strengthen and tone your body as a whole!




With fencers from many different countries and backgrounds, our club is a great place to meet new people!

We create champions.

With over 15 years of continuous proven results, Gold Blade Fencing Center is the perfect place for you to train for your colligate or Olympic dreams.  Sporting previous National Champions and Olympians, there are few places equally equipped to provide guide you on your path. If you’re willing to work, we are more then willing to provide the support and teaching you’ll need.

Our fencers have gone on to fence for the top universities in the country.

Through training at Gold Blade Fencing Center I was able to gain the skills and technique necessary to not only receive a scholarship from Notre Dame University, but win the NCAA Division One National Championship while I was there. I highly recommend training at GBFC for anyone looking to begin or progress in fencing.

Jacob Osborne

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No gear, no problem! We have everything you need to drop in and see what it’s all about. You’ll be glad you did!


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